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Edward Yung

Senior Vice President of Design & Development, Tishman Realty
Edward Yung

"The reward for good work is more work."


I joined Tishman in 2022, drawn by the work itself – there are a lot of ambitious projects in the portfolio. As for the culture, I appreciate our entrepreneurial spirit and emphasis on self-reliance. While we do work together, we don’t simply rely on others to tell us what to do – we take matters into our own hands.

With design and development, there is never a simple path to completion. Every aspect of a project must work together, and it requires continuous refinement to make it all fit seamlessly. There are so many things that come into consideration, and it is crucial to understand how they work hand in hand. As a developer and designer/architect, one hopes to balance and marry the art and science of a building to its project goals, as to deliver something that is ultimately both useful and beautiful.

Edward YungEdward Yung

professional biography

Edward Yung is a Senior Vice President of Tishman Realty. Prior to joining Tishman, Ed was the Chief Architecture & Design Officer at Brown Harris Stevens Development Marketing. Earlier in his career, Ed was the Director of Design and Development at HFZ Capital Group, where he led design efforts on an extensive portfolio of commercial and residential developments. Ed has a BA from Columbia University, majoring in Architecture with a concentration in Economics. He received his Master’s in Architecture from Princeton University and is a member of the American Institute of Architects.